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25 Dec

Scientific Paper on Photonic Crystal Laser Fabrication Using InP Plasma Etching by Yokohama National University

Samco 2011 Customer, Compound Semiconductor Etching, InP Etch, Photonic Devices, Samco Customer Publication

Photonic Crystal Point-Shift Nanolasers With and Without Nanoslots—Design, Fabrication, Lasing, and Sensing Characteristics

Shota Kita, Kengo Nozaki, Shoji Hachuda, Hideki Watanabe, Yuji Saito, Shota Otsuka, Takeharu Nakada, Yoshiki Arita, and Toshihiko Baba
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Yokohama National University, 79-5 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama 240-8501, Japan
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, (2011) 17, 6

SAMCO ICP Etch System was used for recipe optimization of InP plasma etching. InP etch profile with a high aspect-ratio was successfully fabricated.

InP Periodic Table

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InP Dry Etching Process (RIE or ICP-RIE)

25 Dec

Scientific Paper on Nano-pillar Array Formation Using Silicon Plasma Etching by National Taiwan University

Samco 2011 Customer, Samco Customer Publication, Si Etch, Silicon/Dielectrics Etch

Periodic Si nanopillar arrays by anodic aluminum oxide template and catalytic etching for broadband and omnidirectional light harvesting

Hsin-Ping Wang1, Kun-Tong Tsai1,2, Kun-Yu Lai1, Tzu-Chiao Wei1, Yuh-Lin Wang2 and Jr-Hau He1
1Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics, & Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University,
Taipei 10617, Taiwan
2Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Optics Express (2012) 20,S1, pp. A94-A103

Samco RIE etcher was used for silicon nanopillar fabrication by silicon plasma etching against anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) mask.

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Silicon Plasma Etching (RIE or ICP Etch)
Silicon Deep Etching Using the Bosch Process

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RIE Plasma Etcher

28 Nov

Scientific Paper on GaSb Dry Etching Process Development by MIT Team

Samco 2011 Customer, Compound Semiconductor Etching, GaSb Etch, Samco Customer Publication

Investigating GaSb(001) Dry Etching by ICP-RIE on a non-Silicon Containing Sample Holder with no Organic Gases

Hamad A. Albrithen1, Gale S. Petrich2, Leslie A. Kolodziejski3, Abdelmajid Salhi4 and Abdulrahman A. Almuhanna4
1 Physics and Astronomy, KAIN, King Saud University, Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2 Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
3 Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
4 National Center for Nano Technology Research, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
MRS Proceedings 2012 1396, mrsf11-1396-o07-33

gasb etching

GaSb plasma etching process over SiO2 mask was investigated using Samco ICP etch system.
Anisotropic GaSb etching with smooth sidewalls were achieved with the recipe optimization.

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GaSb Plasma Etching

27 Nov

Scientific Paper on Whisker Fabrication Using Diamond Etching from Nagoya University Team

Samco 2011 Customer, Diamond Etch, Other Materials Etch, Samco Customer Publication

Fabrication of Vertically Aligned Diamond Whiskers from Highly Boron-Doped Diamond by Oxygen Plasma Etching

Chiaki Terashima1, Kazuki Arihara4, Sohei Okazaki4, Tetsuya Shichi4, Donald A. Tryk5, Tatsuru Shirafuji2, Nagahiro Saito1, 2, 3, Osamu Takai1, 2, 3, and Akira Fujishima4, 6
Research Center for Materials Backcasting Technology, Graduate School of Engineering, and 2Department of Materials, Physics and Energy Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8603, Japan
Technology Research and Development Department, General Technology Division, Central Japan Railway, 1545-33 Ohyama, Komaki City, Aichi 485-0801, Japan
Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center, University of Yamanashi, 4-3-11 Takeda, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-8511, Japan
Tokyo University of Science, 1-3 Kagurazaka, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8601, Japan
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2011, 3 (2), pp 177–182
DOI: 10.1021/am1007722

Samco open-load RIE Plasma Etching System was used for diamond plasma etching to fabricate vertically aligned diamond whiskers.

diamond etching
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Diamond Dry Etching Process (RIE or ICP-RIE)