Plasma Etcher (RIE, ICP-RIE & Si DRIE) & XeF2 Etcher

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  • Atmospheric Robot

Since our establishment in 1979, Samco has developed a wealth of dry etching expertise. Today our product line includes, open-load, load-lock, and cassette type systems for both R&D and production customers.

Multiple System Lineup for R&D and Production

Processes Up to 450 mm Wafers 

Batch Processing With a Carrier

Small Footprint

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Vacuum Cassette

ICP Etching system takes advantage of the latest inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology.
Samco’s proprietary ICP plasma source, the “Tornado Coil Electrode”, enables reliable and uniform etching required for next generation devices.

Multiple System Lineup for R&D and Production

Processes Up to 450 mm Wafers

Batch Processing with a Carrier

Unique ICP Source for High Etch Uniformity

Multiple System Lineup for R&D and Production

High-conductance Vacuum Pump

Height-adjustable Electrode for High Etch Uniformity

High-Power Planar ICP Coil for High-rate SiC Etching

Unique ICP Coils for Excellent Etch Uniformity

Symmetrical Pumping for High Process Repeatability

Production-proven by HB LED manufacturers

  • Samco RIE-400-iPB DRIE

Samco provides Silicon Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) systems for MEMS device fabrication and TSV processing. Samco was the first Japanese semiconductor process equipment manufacturer to offer DRIE systems using the Bosch Process.
The product lineup covers both R&D and production.

Multiple System Lineup for R&D and Production

High Density ICP Plasma Source for High-rate Si Deep Etch (Max. 55 µm/min)

High Speed Gas Switching (~ 0.1 sec)

Optional ICP Source for SiO2 Deep Etching

  • XeF2 Etch System

Samco offers XeF2 system for release etching of MEMS structures.

Compact Footprint

Plasma-free Process

Highly Selective Etching of Silicon

Complete Dry Process without Stiction Problems

Pulsing of the Gas Flow