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Product Lineup

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a compound semiconductor material which has a wide band gap, a high breakdown field and a high thermal conductivity.
The material is promising as a substrate of next-generation power device and monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC).
Samco offers ICP etch systems specialized for SiO2 mask fabrication and SiC etching over the mask in SiC power device and MMIC fabrication.
The product lineup covers both R&D and production.

Load-lock ICP etch system


Cassette-to-cassette ICP etch system


Process Examples

SiC Trench Etching

SiC trench etching
No micro-trenches on the bottom
Etch Rate : 775 nm/min
Etch Selectivity : 13.4 (over SiO2 mask)

SiC Via Hole Etching

SiC via hole etching
Etch Depth : 89.2 µm
Etch Rate : 1 µm/min
Etch Selectivity : 95 (over Ni mask)
Wafer Temperature : below 150°C

Oxide Mask Fabrication

Anisotropic SiO2 etching for mask fabrication
Etch Depth : 6.5 µm
Etch Rate : 325 nm/min

Specification Chart

Load-lock ICP Etch System Vacuum Cassette ICP Etch System
Loading Load-lock Vacuum Cassette
Wafer Placement Linear Robot Vacuum Robot
Sample Size 100/150/200 mm
Chuck Type High Voltage E-Chuck with Helium Backside Cooling

Height-adjustable Electrode

Pumping Type High-conductance Axial Pumping
Vacuum System Turbo Pump with Rotary Backing Pump
Gases Up to 8 gas lines
ICP Power 3 KW Planar ICP Coil
Bias Power 600/1000/3000 W
System Control Easy-to-use Touch-panel GUI
Endpoint Option Optical/Interferometric End-point Detection
Sample Size Up to 150 mm Up to 150 mm
Applications High-speed etching of SiC for trench and via hole fabrication

High-speed etching of SiO2 for hard mask, waveguide and microchannel fabrication

System Features

The ICP etch systems are specially designed for high-rate SiC etching with excellent uniformity.
Also, the systems are designed for easy maintenance to reduce the downtime.

Unique and Optimized ICP Coil

Planar ICP Coil

Newly developed ICP coil allows high-density stable plasma discharge at low pressure for high-speed SiC etching.

High-conductance Vacuum Pump

High Conductance Vacuum Pump

High-conductance vacuum pump enables SiC etching at both low and high pressures, and low and high gas flows.

Height-adjustable Electrode

Height Adjustable Electrode

Height-adjustable lower electrode (air operated) enables optimization of the distance between the wafer and ICP plasma source for high etch uniformity.

Designed for Easy Maintenance

TMP Unit

Movable Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP) unit shortens maintenance time.

Cassette and Robot

SiC wafer transfer

Max. 25 x ø6”wafers can be processed in each operation.

  • ICP Etch Systems for SiC Etching

Featured Solutions

 Samco offers turn-key process solutions for SiC trench MOSFET fabrication.

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Contact SAMCO for more product information
Any questions? Contact us for more detail.
Contact SAMCO for more product information
Any questions? Contact us for more detail.
Contact SAMCO for more product information
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