Scientific Paper on AlGaN/GaN Metal-oxide-semiconductor HFET from Virginia Commonwealth University

August 5, 2010 Samco 2010 Customer, AlGaN Etch, Compound Semiconductor Etching, GaN Etch, Power Devices, Samco Customer Publication

Low-frequency Noise Measurements of AlGaN/GaN Metal-oxide-semiconductor Heterostructure Field-effect Transistors with HfAlO Gate Dielectric

C. Kayis, J. H. Leach, C. Y. Zhu, M. Wu, X. Li, Ü. Özgür, H. Morkoç, . Yang, V. Misra, and P. H. Handel
Microelectronics Materials and Device Laboratory, Virginia Commonwealth University
In: IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol. 31, No. 9, 5540258, 09.2010, p. 1041-1043.

Mesa isolation of AlGaN/GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor heterostructure field-effect transistors (MOS-HFETs) was performed using a SAMCO ICP Etch System RIE-101iPH using a Cl based chemistry.

Virginia Commonwealth University is one of Samco’s customers using our process equipment for AlGaN & GaN plasma etching process in device fabrication.
Virginia Commonwealth University Microelectronics Materials & Device Laboratory.

gan etching

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AlGaN/GaN Etch for GaN Power Device Fabrication