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PECVD Systems

Utilized in compound semiconductor and silicon device fabrication, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) systems are designed for the deposition of insulation and passivation films. Samco PECVD systems can deposit high-quality silicon-based thin films (SiO2, Si3N4, SiOxNy, a-Si:H). Samco offers anode PECVD systems for high-quality thin film deposition and cathode PECVD systems for high-rate deposition depending on customer’s process goals.

Multiple System Lineup for R&D and Production

Processes Up to 450 mm Wafers

Batch Processing With a Carrier

Low Plasma Damage

High Deposition Uniformity

Low Temperature Deposition

Excellent Step Coverage

Controllable Film Stress

High-speed Deposition

Controllable Wet Etch Rate

  • SiC CVD Systems

Samco provides SiC CVD Systems of Epiluvac, a Swedish company. Combining with Samco’s SiC etching solutions, the systems offer turn-key process solutions for next-generation power device fabrication.

Processing up to 150 mm

Process Temperature Range over 1700°C

  • ALD Systems

As semiconductor processing technologies evolve, the era of atomic-scale processing is coming to achieve high performance of devices. Samco ALD system is suitable for atomic-scale processing of various devices including next-generation power devices and nano-electronics. The system is capable of various material deposition with highly reproducilbe thickness control with a high aspect ratio.

Process up to Ø8″ Wafers

Chamber Heating up to 500°C

High-speed Gas Switching

Designed for Reduction of Precursor Consumption