Advanced Substrate Cleaning Systems

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  • Samco PC-1100

Plasma Cleaners: Precision Substrate Cleaning

Plasma cleaning systems are designed for the cleaning of plastic microelectronic packages and lead frames as well as LCD circuit boards and other products. Samco’s solutions include compact systems for R&D and pilot production, as well as large-chamber plasma cleaning systems.

Plasma Cleaners
(Direct Plasma Treatment)

Three Different Process Modes
(RIE, Plasma and Downstream Modes)

Fully Automated Processing

Easy Operation with Touch Panel 

Remote Source Plasma Cleaners
(Downstream Plasma)

Remote Plasma Source for Gentle Surface Cleaning 
of Leadframes and Plastic Packages

Fully Automated Processing

Easy Operation with Touch Panel 

  • Samco UV-1

Samco UV-Ozone Cleaners utilize a combination of ultraviolet light, high concentration ozone and a heated stage
to provide a completely dry and damage free cleaning process for material research and device fabrication.

Complete Dry Process

In-situ Ozone Generator and Stage Heating Control for Enhancing Organic Residue Removal

No Plasma-induced Charging and Physical Damage to Circuits

Equipped with Ozone Decomposition Catalyst Unit

Multiple System Lineup for R&D and Production