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Process Data by Materials

Samco is a leading company of “Material Processing” for device fabrication and material research.
Check our material processing data which are achieved using our PECVD, dry etching and surface treatment technologies.

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Samco Publication

Samco has developed material processing technologies in collaboration and cooperation with various customers.
Samco regards research publication as fundamentals for further technology development in discussion with researchers.
Please check our publication on material processing in journals and conference proceedings.

 GaN Power Devices

Recess Etching Process for AlGaN/GaN-HFET Devices Using In-Situ Monitoring

 SiC Power Devices

Optimizing the SiC Plasma Etching Process for Manufacturing Power Devices

TSV Processing

Through Silicon Via (TSV) Process Using DRIE and Cathode Coupled PE-CVD

High Brightness LEDs

Chlorine-Based ICP Etching for Improving the Luminance Efficiency in Nitride LEDs

Improvement of LED Luminance Efficiency by Sapphire Nano PSS Etching


Deposition and characterization of silicon carbon nitride films prepared by RF-PECVD with capacitive coupling

Empirical evidence for a two phase system in SiCN films prepared by low pressure PE-CVD

Polymer Surface Modification

UV/ozone Surface Modification for Long-term Stable Hydrophilic Surface of Polymer Microfluidic Devices