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  • MEMS Device Markets

Samco DRIE systems provide reproducible process solutions of deep silicon etching. Also, PECVD systems and XeF2 etching systems are available for both R&D and production.

Deep Silicon Etching by the Bosch Process

Photoresist Ashing

Surface Cleaning before Packaging

XeF2 Etching for Free-standing Structure Release

  • Laser Diode Markets

 Laser diode fabrication with compound semiconductors is one of Samco’s proprietary fields.

GaN/AlGaN/InGaN Epi Growth

Ridge Formation by Dry Etching

Passivation Film Deposition

Exposure of p-Contact Layer (SiO2 Etching)

Plasma Dicing

Reflective Layer Formation by PECVD

  • HB LED Markets

 Samco has provided process solutions including Patterned Sapphire Substrate (PSS) fabrication
to major HB LED manufactures. Both single and batch wafer processing are available.

PSS Fabrication by Sapphire Etching

p-GaN/Active/n-GaN Layer Deposition by MOCVD

Expose n-GaN Layer by Dry Etching

Device Isolation by GaN Etching

Passivation Deposition by PECVD

Contact Hole Formation by SiO2 Etching

Plasma Dicing

  • TSV Processing Markets

TSV fabricated with Samco deep silicon etching and cathode low-temperature PECVD technologies will improve device performance.

Via Hole Fabrication using the Bosch Process

Photoresist Ashing

Insulation Film Deposition on Via Hole

Exposure of Lower Electrode by SiO2 Etching

Cu Plug Exposure by Dry Etching

Passivation Film Deposition by PECVD

  • SAW Device Markets

Samco has provided process solutions to major industry-leading SAW device manufacturers.

Photoresist Patterning on Piezoelectric Substrate

Electrode Formation (Metal Etching)

Photoresist Removal

Piezoelectric Substrate Trimming by Dry Etching

Passivation Film Deposition

Contact Hole Formation by Dry Etching

Surface Cleaning before Wire Bonding

  • RF Device Markets

Samco offers process solutions of wide bandgap semiconductors including GaAs, GaN and InP
for RF device production in the field of telecommunication and defense applications.

Epi Growth

SiO2 Mask Fabrication for Ion Implantation

Recess Etching for HEMT fabrication

Contact Hole Formation by SiO2 Etching

Backside Via Hole Etching

Plasma Dicing for Higher Yields