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 PECVD – Plasma Enhanced Chamical Vapor Deposition

PECVD is a deposition technology to deposit thin films using plasma technology. Compared to other deposition technologies such as PVD and Thermal CVD which are widely used for semiconductor device fabrication, PECVD can deposit thin films with high uniformity over the wafers at relatively low temperature (less than 350°C). Furthermore, this plasma deposition technology offers excellent material property control (refractive index, hardness and more) of thin films such as SiO2, SiNx, a-Si, SiON and DLC.

 Product Lineup of Anode PECVD Systems

Samco offers PECVD systems of Anode PECVD and Cathode PECVD. We offer proper systems depending on customers’ process requirements.

Open-load Anode PECVD Systems

Open-load Anode PECVD Systems

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The Samco PD-220N, PD-3800, PD-4800 and PD-5400 are open-load Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) systems. They are capable of depositing a wide range of thin films such as SiO2, Si3N4, SiOxNy, a-Si:H and DLC (Diamond-like Carbon). The systems are fully automated, and include a built in fume hood over the process chamber to increase operator safety. The PD-220NR, PD-3800, PD-4800 and PD-5400 are designed to meet the demanding process requirements for both research, and production customers.

Load-lock Anode PECVD Systems

Loadlock Anode PECVD Systems

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The PD-220NL and PD-3800L are load lock systems that have a deposition chamber, and a separate loading chamber. The addition of a loadlock allows the chamber to stay under vacuum. The controlled environment improves process repeatability. Load lock systems are also typically required when using dopant gases.

The systems include all the features of the open-load platform. The PD-220NL adds a surface treated protective shield that is raised during substrate loading. The shield protects the condition of the slit valve seal, reduces cleaning intervals, and also improves uniformity.

Cassette Anode PECVD Systems

Cassette Anode PECVD Systems

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Vacuum Cassette systems are typically used when processes require a controlled environment. In this configuration the Deposition chamber is coupled to a transfer chamber with vacuum robot, and an additional Loading chamber includes a vacuum cassette elevator.

The PD-220LC is a 200mm single wafer (or 220mm batch) cassette based PECVD system, and includes all the features of the Load lock platform. This plasma CVD system is ideal for high volume device manufacturing and achieves an impressive monthly throughput of ten thousand 2″ wafers.

Process Examples

SiN Film Deposition with Excellent Step Coverage

Excellent step coverage of SiNx

Step Coverage of Liquid Source SiN

Step coverage of liquid-source based SiNx on Al lines

System Features

 Robot and Cassette Chamber

Robot Wafer Transfer

State-of-the-art robot wafer handling system and cassette will improve process throughput.

 Advanced Innerwall

Advanced Innerwall for PECVD Systems

Protective shield inside the reaction chamber will control disposal of the plasma discharge and improve deposition uniformity. Furthermore, it prevents film deposition on sections of the chamber that are not easily cleaned with plasma cleaning processes. Also, it prevents deterioration of gate valve O-rings during the cleaning process.

 Large Chamber Systems

Large Chamber PECVD Systems

Capable of processing up to 300/450 mm or batch processing of small wafers.

 Superior Process Control


Controllable film properties will meet various demands in device fabrication.

 Excellent Process Repeatability

Process Repeatability of SiN Film Deposition

Repeatable process will improve quality and reliability of devices.

  • SAMCO Anode PECVD Systems


 Samco PECVD systems are used for material research and device fabrication at state-of-the-art facilities including

Tokyo Institute of Technology

University of Science and Technology of China

The University of New Mexico

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