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In the back-end process community, the damage on dies during blade dicing is a serious issue. As a pioneer of etching process solutions of various materials, Samco has developed plasma dicing solutions for some of our customers looking to improve yields. This technology can be applied to a wide variety of applications including RF devices and HB LEDs production.

Plasma Dicing

Challenges using Blade Dicing Techniques

Blade dicing has been used for the die preparation process, the technology is facing some tough challenges to meet demands for next-generation device manufacturing process.

1. Chipping and cracking of dies

When a wafer is thinned, the chance of defects due to chipping and cracking increases.

2. More streets, lower process throughput

In the case of smaller die separation, the blade needs to go through all the streets of wafers.

3. Limitation in street width

Kerf width of the blade determines the street width (generally over 70 μm).

4. Limitation in die shape

Square shape is typical due to grid-style streets.

5. Mechanical stress of dies

The Grid-style streets by blade dicing cannot mitigate the stress of the dies.

6. Limitation in processed materials

Dicing blades cannot handle with brittle materials such as Indium Phosphide (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs).

 Samco’s Plasma Dicing Capabilities

Customized Plasma Dicing Solutions

Samco offers process solutions of “Dicing Before Grinding” (DBG) or “Scribe and Break”. These processes are specially developed and customized to meet our customers’ requests.

  • Dicing Before Grind-0
  • Dicing Before Grind-1
  • Dicing Before Grind-2
  • Dicing Before Grind-3
  • Dicing Before Grind-4
  • Dicing Before Grind-5
  • Dicing Before Grind-6
  • Dicing Before Grind-7
  • Dicing Before Grind-8
  • Dicing Before Grind-9

Dicing Before Grinding (DBG) Process

 Dies are processed half-cut by plasma etching before grinding.

Damage Free Process

 Samco’s plasma dicing process will prevent chipping and cracking of dies.

Narrow Street Width

100µm Width, Less Than

Samco’s plasma dicing process shows advantages on street width over conventional blade dicing process.
The plasma-based process allows the street design which cannot be produced using conventional blade dicing processes.

Dicing street width under 10 μm

Simultaneous Die Separation on a Wafer

The simultaneous processing of all streets by dry etching gives higher throughput compared with blade dicing, especially for large-wafer dicing with long street lines.

Angled SEM after plasma dicing

Stress Mitigation of Dies

Die stress can be mitigated by using a special dicing process in combination with the etch mask design.

GaAs Plasma Dicing

Dicing of Various Materials

Si, GaAs, InP, GaN-on-Si

Samco can process wafers with various materials such as Silicon (Si), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Indium Phosphide (InP), Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN-on-Si), wafers with metal or resin layers.

For our process capabilities of GaAs wafer processing, please check the technical notes below,
GaAs Wafer Plasma Scribing with ICP Etching

Plasma Dicing and Scribing of GaAs Wafer

Applicable to Small-size Wafers

Samco plasma etchers can be configured for single-wafer or batch processing using a wafer carrier. Brittle substrates such as Indium Phosphide (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) can be handled without the risk of breaking.

bernoulli grip robot

 The Value of Samco’s Processes

Advantage of SAMCO process solutionsDie yield improvement 

Damage-free die processing enhances productivity.

Advantage of SAMCO process solutionsCreation of any die shape

Circular, hexagonal shape or multiple-size dies on a wafer can be processed simultaneously.

Advantage of SAMCO process solutionsProcess support from R&D to production

Multiple system line-up enables easy switching from R&D to production.

System Lineup

ICP Etch Systems for Batch Processing

– Capable of batch processing of small wafers
– Suitable for dicing of compound semiconductor materials

Loadlock ICP Etch Systems for Batch Processing

DRIE Systems

– Processing up to ø8” wafers
– Suitable for dicing of Si and GaN-on-Si wafers

Cassette-to-Caesette DRIE System
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