Featured Plasma Etch & PECVD Process Solutions

Uncover the Latest Advancements in Plasma Etch and PECVD Technologies for Semiconductor Fabrication.

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  • MEMS Device

 Samco offers silicon Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) process solutions using Bosch Process for emerging MEMS device industries and advanced packaging applications with TSV.

Smooth Sidewalls Process

Ultra Deep Tapered Etching

High Etch Rate

Tilt Free Process

High Aspect Ratio

Notch Free Silicon On Insulator (SOI) Etch

  • Plasma Dicing of Silicon and III-V (GaAs, InP and GaN-on-Si)

Plasma dicing solutions of a wide variety of materials including silicon, III-V (GaAs, InP and GaN-on-Si) and metal layers to improve die yields without chipping and physical damages to dies

Customized Plasma Dicing Solutions

No Chipping and Cracking of Dies

Narrow Street Width (less than 10 µm)

Stress Mitigation of Dies

Dicing of Various Materials (Si, GaAs, InP, GaN & Metals)

  • GaN device

 Samco provides precise AlGaN/GaN etch solutions for GaN power device fabrication.

Offset Time Reduction of AlGaN Recess Etch

Precise AlGaN Thickness Control

Damage Reduction on AlGaN Layer

High Etch Selectivity of GaN over AlGaN

  • SiC power device

 Samco offers leading-edge SiC trench etching solutions to achieve high-breakdown voltage of SiC power devices.

Micro-trench Free Profile with Smooth Sidewalls

High Etch Rate

High Etch Selectivity Over SiO2 Mask

  • Patterned Sapphire Substrate

Samco provides Sapphire and GaN processing solutions to improve luminous efficiency of High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes (HB LEDs).

Patterned Sapphire Substrate (PSS) Fabrication for Higher Luminous Efficiency

Reverse-tapered GaN Etching for Device Isolation

  • Overclad formation without cracking

Unlike traditional anode PECVD processes, Samco's unique Cathode PECVD processes will enable high-speed Oxide and Nitride deposition, excellent step coverage and gap filling.

High-speed (167 nm/min) and Thick Film Deposition

Safe Deposition Without Using SiH4

Low Temperature Deposition Under 100°C

Excellent Film Properties Control

  • Low-temperature PECVD for SiO2 and SiNx plasma deposition

 Samco provides low-temperature SiO2 & SiNx plasma CVD process solutions (under 80°C) for processing of heat-sensitive material samples, which have critical thermal budget limits during device fabrication.

Low-temperature Deposition (under 80°C)

High-rate Deposition (over 400 nm/min)

Superior Stress Control over Wafers

Low Current Leakage as Passivation

Low Light Reflection and Absorption

  • Photoresist Removal

Samco offers photoresist removal/stripping process solutions using plasma or UV-Ozone technologies for R&D and production.

Low-damage Processing

High-speed Ashing

From 100 mm to 450 mm

  • 5-layer Al lines exposure

 Samco offers deprocessing solutions for Failure Analysis (FA) of electron devices.
Samco's processes are customer-proven solutions by device manufacturers and FA labs. 

Highly Selective Etching of Various Materials

Exposing up to 5 Metal Layers Without Delamination and Erosion

A Wide System Lineup From Die to 450 mm

Endpoint Detection for Precise Etch Stop

  • plasma cleaning leadframe

Samco's unique plasma technologies enable plasma cleaning of metal surfaces such as copper and silver
which are popular materials as electrodes and leadframe in microelectronics packaging.

No surface oxidation

No redeposition (sputtering) of metal particles

No concern to install H2 on safety issue

  • polymer plasma treatment for microfluidics

Samco's experienced plasma treatment technology enables surface activation of polymers
such as Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP) without deteriorating material properties.
The process is beneficial to direct substrate bonding of polymer/polymer and polymer/glass for microfluidics fabrication.

Superhydrophilic surfaces of polymers

No deterioration of auto-fluorescence of COP

No pressing and heating for substrate bonding

No micro-channel pattern collapse by pressing