Polyimide Dry Etching Process (RIE & ICP-RIE)

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Material Properties and Applications of Polyimide

Polyimide is a polymer material of imide monomers. This material is known for superior mechanical strength, high temperature and chemical resistance. Due to the excellent material properties, the material has various applications in microelectronics fabrication.

Traditionally, it has been used for buffer coating in device packaging to protect mechanical damage from dies. Also, polyimide film with adhesive is used for handling of multiple dies. It can be used as a substrate or insulation layer of thin-film flexible devices such as organic light emitting diode (OLED) display.

As micro and nano device fabrication technologies get more complex, there are growing demands on polyimide plasma etching as well as polyimide surface treatment (organic contamination removal and surface activation) using Plasma Treatment or UV-Ozone Treatment. Furthermore, Selective polyimide etching process is in high demand for IC Failure Analysis.


Waveguide Core Fabrication by Polyimide Etching

10μm-deep polyimide plasma etching over a-Si mask was performed using a RIE Etching System.

polyimide rie plasma etching

Anisotropic Polyimide Etching

Plasma etching of polyimide was conducted using an ICP-RIE Etcher.
The sidewalls were highly vertical.

Anisotropic Polyimide Plasma Etching

System Lineup for Polyimide Plasma Etching

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