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Material Properties and Applications of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)

Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) is an oxide of silicon. Depending on the purity and crystalline form, there are several types of products available including Quartz, Fused Silica and  Borosilicate Glass.

SiO2 has unique chemical and mechanical properties including excellent abrasion resistance, good electrical insulation and low thermal expansion and high thermal stability.

For device fabrication, this material has been used for various purposes.

• Passivation
• Insulation layer
• Etch stop of a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate
• Hard mask for dry etching
• Sacrificial layer in micromachining
• Substrate of microfluidics

Periodic Table (SiO2)

SAMCO offers both Anode PECVD and Cathode PECVD process solutions for SiO2 thin film deposition.
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Conformal SiO2 Passivation Film Deposition

TEOS-SiO2 was deposited over silicon substrate with self-standing metal structure using SAMCO’s unique Cathode PECVD Technology.
TEOS-SiO2 was deposited on the underside of metal structure with excellent step coverage.

Deposition Rate : 116 nm/min
Film Stress : -46.8 Mpa

SiO2 deposition with good step coverage

TEOS-SiO2 insulation film was deposited using Cathode PECVD Technology.
The film showed conformal coating of Cu lines without delamination.

Photo courtesy of Research Center for Three-Dimensional Semiconductors

SiO2 film on Cu lines

A Highly conformal SiO2 film was deposited on a via hole.
Film Thickness : 1 µm

SiO2 Conformal Deposition
SiO2 conformal film by PECVD

300 nm thick SiH4-SiO2 deposition was performed using an anode-coupled PECVD system.
The film showed conformal coating of Al lines with good step coverage.

SiO2 Passivation deposition on Al lines

8.2 μm thick TEOS-SiO2 film was deposited using a cathode-coupled PECVD system.
The film was deposited even on the bottom of the high-aspect trench.

Aspect Ratio : 20
Trench Width : 10 μm
Trench Depth : 200 μm

SiO2 deposition on high aspect holes

Control of SiO2 Film Properties

SAMCO’s SiO2 PECVD technology shows a highly-controllable wide process window and reproducibility.
The deposition processes are suitable for R&D to satisfy various needs for device fabrication.

Film Stress

Stress Control of SiH4-SiO2

SiH4 Flow Rate v.s. Film Stress
SiH4-SiO2 using an anode PECVD system

Refractive Index

Refractive Index of SiH4-SiO2

Process Pressure v.s. Refractive Index
SiH4-SiO2 using an anode PECVD system

Uniformity/Deposition Rate

Uniformity and Deposition Rate of SiH4-SiO2

SiH4 Flow Rate v.s. Uniformity/Deposition Rate
SiH4-SiO2 using an anode PECVD system

System Lineup for SiO2 PECVD

Anode PECVD Systems

– Superior process control

Anode PECVD Systems for SiO2 PECVD


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Cathode PECVD Systems

– High-rate SiO2 deposition using high ion energy

Cathode PECVD Systems for high-rate SiO<sub>2</sub> deposition


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  • SAMCO PECVD System for oxide deposition


 SAMCO’s SiO2 PECVD technologies are used at nanofabrication facilities including

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