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Product Lineup

Samco provides Silicon Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) systems for MEMS device fabrication and TSV via-hole etching.
Samco was the first Japanese semiconductor process equipment manufacturer to offer DRIE systems using the Bosch Process.
Our systems have competitive process capabilities, and the product lineup covers both R&D and production.
For high-volume device manufacturing, double process chamber option is available.

Load-lock DRIE System
(up to ø4”)

deep rie system

Processing both ø4” Si and glass substrates

Load-lock DRIE System
(up to ø8”)

Silicon DRIE System

Capable of high-rate Si etching of ø8” wasfers 

Cassette-load DRIE System
(up to ø8”)

Cassette-to-Caesette DRIE System

Suitable for high-volume wafer processing

Process Examples

Samco DRIE systems offer etching solutions of deep Si etching and high-rate SiO2 etching.
For more information, please visit our Featued Solution Page on Si DRIE and Process Data Page.

High-rate Silicon Deep Etching

High-rate Si deep etching
Etch Rate : 55 µm/min
Pattern Width : 50 µm

Si etching with high aspect ratio

Si etching with high aspect ratio
Aspect Ratio : 40
Pattern Width : 2.5 µm
Etch Depth : 100 µm
Scallop Size : less than 100 nm

Oxide Mask Fabrication

Anisotropic SiO2 etching
4 µm width L/S pattern
Etch Depth : 6.5 µm
Etch Rate : 325 nm/min

System Features

Samco’s DRIE Systems are designed to enhance process capability and maximize throughput.
Furthermore, the systems are designed to reduce the downtime for maintenance operation.

High-density ICP plasma source

ICP Coil for Silicon DRIE

High power ICP source generates a repeatable high density plasma and enables high-rate Si etching of max. 55 µm/min .

High-speed Gas Switching

High-speed Gas Switching

Fast gas switching (~ 0.1 sec) allows smooth sidewalls with less scallops.

Optional SiO2 Etch Kit

ICP Coil for SiO2 Etching

Optional ICP coil enables high-speed SiOetching.

Designed for Easy Maintenance

Designed for Easy Maintenance

Rotatable touchcreen enables the system status check during maintenance operations.

Wafer Size Adjustment

Wafer Size Adjustment

Adjustment kit enables processing of wafers with different sizes.

Throughput Booster

Throughput Booster for DRIE System

Before being transferred into the reaction chamber, the wafer picks up the wafer edge protection ring from within the “booster chamber”

  • SAMCO DRIE System


 Samco DRIE systems are used for both R&D and production at state-of-the-art facilities including

Princeton University

National Taiwan University

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Any questions? Contact us for more detail.
Contact SAMCO for more product information
Any questions? Contact us for more detail.
Contact SAMCO for more product information
Any questions? Contact us for more detail.
Contact SAMCO for more product information
Contact us for more detail.

What is your process requirement for DRIE process? We will offer you proper systems and solutions depending on process goals.