Scientific paper on Si subwavelength grating from Tohoku University, Japan

August 2, 2023 Samco 2023 Customer, Samco Customer Publication, Silicon/Dielectrics PECVD, SiO2 PECVD

Micro-fabricated Si subwavelength grating for frequency-domain THz beam steering covering the 0.3–0.5 THz frequency band

Kohei Chiba, Taiyu Okatani, Naoki Inomata, and Yoshiaki Kanamori

Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Robotics, Tohoku University, 6-6-01 Aoba, Aramaki,
Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

Opt. Express 31, 27147-27160 (2023)

Samco PECVD system PD-100ST was used for SiO2 film deposition using TEOS.