Scientific paper on silicon RIE etching by National University of Singapore

July 28, 2017 Samco 2017 Customer, Samco Customer Publication, Si Etch, Silicon/Dielectrics Etch

Low-power, low-pressure reactive-ion etching process for silicon etching with vertical and smooth walls for mechanobiology application

Mohammed Ashraf, Sree V. Sundararajan, Gianluca Grenci
National University of Singapore, Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS. 16(3), 034501 (Jul 10, 2017).

Silicon plasma etching was carried out using RIE etcher RIE-10NR. Low-power etching process was newly developed in fluorine chemistry to fabricate vertical smooth sidewalls.

National University of Singapore is one of Samco’s proud customers. As seen in this paper, Samco RIE etcher RIE-10NR shows process versatility with excellent profile control for university lab users. The system can offer a wide range of process window for etching of various materials (silicon, SiO2, SiNx, metals and polymer).Samco RIE-10NR

For more details of our process capabilities of silicon etching, please visit the process data page below.
Silicon Plasma Etching