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ICP Etching System
SAMCO's RIE-140iP is a single wafer ICP etching system especially designed for high precision etching of compound semiconductor materials. This system features SAMCO's latest ICP plasma source technology which generates stable high-density plasma under low pressures and ensures precise anisotropic etching of GaN, InGaAs and quaternary compound semiconductor materials.
The system also features an all new reaction chamber and vacuum system. This combination provides the highest degree of pressure control available whilst delivering greatly improved conductance. Together with the new ICP source this system provides "The widest process window" available for precision etching applications.

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Vertical sidewalls with excellent uniformity

    Vertical sidewalls with excellent uniformity InP Etching

  • Single wafer processing for up to 4" round wafers

  • New Tornado ICP "Spec C" allows easy plasma discharge at low powers and pressures

  • New Vacuum system allows for precise vacuum control and stability

  • Lower Damage highly chemical etching from low ICP powers

  • Active temperature control of sample stage and inner wall of the reaction chamber

  • SAMCO's most compact load locked ICP etcher

  • Interferometric endpoint detection system (optional)

  • Fabrication of laser diodes

  • Etching of GaN, GaAs, and InP

  • LD ridge formation

  • Waveguides

  • Photonic crystal devices

  • Quantum dot devices



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