ICP Etchers Specialized for III-V Etching

Samco provides semiconductor process equipment using our plasma processing technology since our establishment of 1979.
We focus on plasma etching of compound semiconductor for various applications.

InP, GaAs & GaN

Our ICP etching systems specialized for compound semiconductor plasma etching are used in state-of-the-art research and device fabrication.

ICP Etch Systems

Process Examples of III-V Etching

InP ridge etching for laser diode

InP Ridge Etch for Laser Diode

InP is a key material for high-volume and high-speed telecommunication technology, but it is difficult to control etch profile due to unwanted byproduct deposition.

Samco provides cutting-edge InP plasma etching solutions for laser diode fabrication. Sidewall angle and roughness on the sidewalls/bottom is highly controlled to achieve desired device performance even at high temperature.

GaAs mesa etching for GaAs VCSEL

GaAs Mesa Etch for VCSEL

The market of VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) is remarkably expanding in various applications such as smartphones and autonomous driving.

Samco GaAs etching technology provides high-uniformity etching over 6-inch wafers for device production. Optional interferometry endpoint detection system is available for stable precise etch stop over multiple wafers.

Ridge Form Formation of GaN for blue laser diode

GaN Etching for Laser Diode & LED

Samco shows strong presence in GaN plasma etching for various applications such as laser diodes and LEDs.

Micro LED is currently getting more attention for advanced display. Samco is actively exploring GaN etching process technologies for this device in cooperation with international institute customers.

Why Samco ICP Etchers are Selected for III-V Etching

ICP Coil for Compound Semiconductor Plasma Etching

Tornado ICP Coil®

Samco ICP etch systems are equipped with Tornado ICP Coil® which was specially designed for compound semiconductor etching. It is difficult to achieve desired profiles of InP and GaAs due to byproduct redeposition. The Tornado ICP Coil® reduces byproduct redeposition by optimizing etchant species and densities in plasma etching.

high conductance

High-volume Vacuum System

Samco ICP systems employ high-volume vacuum pump. Furthermore, they are designed to achieve superior conductance by reducing dead space inside the process chamber. These features enable stable plasma discharge with process gas flow of 100SCCM at low-pressure of 0.3Pa.

process recipe of compound semiconductor etching

Process Knowledge on III-V Etching

Samco’s process knowledge on III-V Etching is accumulated by continuous improvement over years. We make a proposal of proper plasma etch systems and customized process recipes based on each customer’s process requirements.

Process Data of III-V Materials

InP Plasma Etching
GaN Plasma Etching
GaAs Etching
SiC Etch

Markets We Serve

Laser Diode



Next-gen Smartphones

Micro LED

Advanced Display

Power Device

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