Samco reveals plans to install plasma etching system RIE-10NR early 2024 as the newest update to the Materials Research Lab (MRL) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

At the forefront of materials science research, the lab will implement RIE-10NR, a fully automatic reactive ion etching system capable of high-performance processing in a compact space. Known as a staple piece of equipment, the RIE-10NR has more than 30 years of continuous improvement since its initial launch, and 500 systems installed worldwide as of July 2023.

Director of Research Facilities at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s MRL, Dr. Mauro Sardela commented “Samco … [was] very proactive in contacting our lab, visiting us and showcasing their product. [The company was] very flexible in finding the best product to fit our research needs and our current budget.” He also shared the future plans of the lab, stating that “We are hoping to upgrade our RIE capabilities to better support our base of more than 1,000 users. We hope to provide state-of-the-art etching uniformity in our test devices, combined to easy-to-use interface for our various students.” Overall, he wished “[Samco continues] to serve the microelectronics market with state-of-the-art etching and coating tools.”

Tsukasa Kawabe, President and COO of Samco, stated “In the semiconductor manufacturing world, numerous prominent names and corporations exist, but far less willing to work to suit each and every need of a client. Here at Samco, we specialize in making systems like the RIE-10NR, which has an exceptionally small footprint, is cost-effective, boasts exceptional reliability, and benefits from more than three decades of continuous improvements. We are always looking for ways to add value to both the world and for our clients. We are confident MRL at UIUC will be satisfied with the RIE-10NR system.”

About Materials Research Lab at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The Materials Research Lab (MRL) at UIUC is one of the largest shared-instrumentation facilities in the US, promoting interdisciplinary research and education for students, staff, faculty, and researchers with over 200 types of advanced instruments and cutting-edge equipment. The MRL Micro/Nanofabrication Facility is fully a user-supported facility with two class 100 clean rooms totaling 1,900 square feet with instrumentation for micro/nano-fabrication projects including wet and chemical etching, deposition, spin coaters, mask aligners, optical, 3D and electron beam lithography.

About Samco Inc.

Samco Inc. (TSE: 6387) stands for Semiconductor And Materials Company, is a leading manufacturer of processing equipment for the semiconductor and related industries founded by Mr. Osamu Tsuji in Kyoto, Japan in 1979. Over the past forty-five years, more than 4,500 Samco systems have been installed and used in 35 different countries. Its equipment and thin film technology are widely adopted in the fabrication of semiconductor devices, including SiC/GaN power/RF devices, GaAs VCSELs, InP Laser Diodes, MEMS, BAW/SAW Filters TSVs, advanced packaging, and so on.

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