Scientific Paper on SiNx Plasma CVD Without Crack by University of Science and Technology of China

December 20, 2016 Samco 2016 Customer, Samco Customer Publication, Silicon/Dielectrics PECVD, SiNx PECVD

Fabrication of SiNx Thin Film of Micro Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor for Maskless Nanoscale Etching

Qiang Li1, Jie Liu1, Yichuan Dai1, Wushu Xiang1, Man Zhang1, Hai Wang2 and Li Wen1
1 Department of Precision Machinery and Precision Instrumentation, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230027, China
2 School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Anhui Polytechnic University, Wuhu 241000, China

Micro dielectric barrier discharge (MDBD) devices have some potential interesting applications such as surface modification. Silicon Nitride (SiNx) film can be used as a dielectric barrier layer material in MDBD devices. However, there are challenges of crack and wrinkle formation due to mechanical stress of SiNx film in device fabrication. Samco plasma CVD system was used for SiNx film deposition. With optimization of deposition process recipe, compressive stress of SiNx film was mitigated to suppress crack formation.

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SiNx PECVD Process