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16 Aug

Scientific paper on red blood cell analysis using plasma-treated COC plate by AIST

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Hydrophilic-treated plastic plates for wide-range analysis of Giemsa-stained red blood cells and automated Plasmodium infection rate counting

Muneaki Hashimoto1, Shouki Yatsushiro1, Shohei Yamamura1, Masato Tanaka1, Hirokazu Sakamoto1,3, Yusuke Ido1, Kazuaki Kajimoto1, Mika Bando2, Jun‑ichi Kido2 and Masatoshi Kataoka1
1Health Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), 2217‑14, Hayashi‑cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa 761‑0301, Japan.
2Department of Periodontology and Endodontology, Institute of Health Biosciences, The University of Tokushima Graduate School, Institute of Health Biosciences, 3‑18‑15 Kuramoto, Tokushima 770‑8504, Japan.
Malar J (2017) 16 321
As a new method of malaria diagnostics, the count of Plasmodium spp. cells in red blood cells (RBCs) using hydrophilic-treated cyclic olefn copolymer (COC) plates was proposed. Oxygen plasma treatment was applied to COC plates in order to modify the surface wettability to hydrophilic using Samco RIE plasma etching system RIE-10NR.

Polymer surface modification is an essential technique to achieve surface wettability improvement and direct substrate bonding in microfluidics fabrication. We offer plasma cleaners and UV-ozone cleaners as well as plasma etching equipment for this application. The paper below shows long-term stable hydrophilic surfaces of polymer materials (PMMA, COC, COP and PEEK) using UV-ozone treatment technologies.
UV/ozone Surface Modification for Long-term Stable Hydrophilic Surface of Polymer Microfluidic Devices

20 Nov

Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein Meets with Samco Chairman and CEO Osamu Tsuji

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Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein Thomas Zwiefelhofer invited Samco Chairman and CEO Osamu Tsuji, samco-ucp President Christian Linder and samco-ucp Director Nakanobu Seki to the country’s government building in Vaduz at the beginning of November in order to express his gratitude to Samco for making Liechtenstein its sales and service base in Europe through its subsidiary samco-ucp.


03 Aug

Samco opens new office in Malaysia, strengthens presence in Southeast Asia

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Samco, a semiconductor process equipment developer and manufacturer based in Japan, announced that it will open its Malaysia branch office on Aug. 10, 2016 in Petaling Jaya, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur.

“With our new office conveniently located near Kuala Lumpur, we expect to better serve Malaysia’s research universities and manufacturers,” says Osamu Tsuji, Samco’s chairman, president and CEO.  “Four company representatives will be assigned to this new location, where they will actively provide production-type systems and services, consisting of the three major technologies Samco specializes in.”


20 Jun

Samco boosts shipment capacity with second production center

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Samco, a Japan-based semiconductor processing equipment manufacturer, held a completion ceremony for its second production center on June 17.  The new production center, which began construction in January and is expected to begin operations during the fall of this year, boosts Samco’s original shipment capacity of 6-7 billion yen per year to a total of 10-11 billion yen per year.


13 Apr

Samco increases local sales staff for North American, European and Asian locations, aims to expand overseas sales

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Samco is employing around 20 more people at its locations in North America, China, Taiwan and Singapore, as well as its subsidiary Samco-UCP in Liechtenstein, in order to better provide services and support to overseas customers.

“Increasing the number of Samco employees abroad is part of the company’s larger strategy to optimize our current sales structure while actively growing our customer base across the globe,” says Osamu Tsuji, Samco’s President, Chairman and CEO.


09 Feb

SAMCO MEMS Workshop at IIT Bombay, India

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SAMCO held its first thin film technology workshop in India at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay on February 2nd. The event, entitled “MEMS and Nano Processes”, was a collaboration with Professor V. Ramgopal Rao of IIT Bombay’s Electrical Engineering Department.

“With a growing economy that is expected to accelerate in the future, India continues to set an example for emerging markets around the world through its innovative research and development activities,” said Osamu Tsuji, SAMCO’s President, Chairman and CEO, during his opening remarks at the workshop.


15 Jan

SAMCO announces MOCVD demonstration availability for the GaN-550 MOCVD system for GaN power device manufacturing

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SAMCO has announced MOCVD demonstration capability on a new gallium nitride (GaN-on-Si) system, the GaN-550, from Valence Process Equipment Inc (VPE) of Branchburg NJ, USA. SAMCO sells and distributes the GaN-550, which is equipped with a 550 mm in diameter carrier for mass production of GaN power devices. The demo system will be available for customer demonstrations at SAMCO’s R&D facility in early 2015.